Why Us?

By using a multi-va firm with an organized, streamlined approach to working with virtual assistants, we minimize the risks, time and effort of hiring a VA blindly.

As soon as you start working with The VA Collaborative, you have hired an entire team: administrative experts, marketing and social media specialists,  content writers, web and graphic design specialists, accountants and more. The entire operation is coordinated by your Lead Team Manager at no extra cost, enabling you to get the benefits of a skilled team but only needing to manage a single contact yourself.

A virtual workforce solution from The VA Collaborative can allow you to

  • get more done with less effort
  • dramatically reduce cost and complexity in your business
  • catapult your profits
  • and enjoy your business more

Hire a VA today!

Marianne Costello is the brains behind the VA Collaborative…. And it’s the brains that make the difference here.

When you hire the The VA Collaborative, you hire a genius matchmaker.  She is expertly trained in the hiring practice and has operated a successful virtual assistant practice for 30 years.

Marianne gives you the right person, for the right price, to do the job right.

Every time.

Let The VA Collaborative handle the work load so you can enjoy more of your time and gain up to 75% savings compared to hiring a regular employee.

Hire a VA today!