How It Works

The VA Collaborative makes things simple for you.

We don’t just get you the best person for the job; we hand-select the perfect assembly of people so that every project in your business is handled with ease and expertise.

When you decide to work with VA Collaborative, you are not just getting a Virtual Assistant assigned to you. We provide you with a team; experts who meet all your needs, beyond the capabilities of your average VA.

And the best part? We manage it all for you. We don’t dump a team in your lap and tell you to “run with it.” We give you who you need, as you need them.

Simply put, The VA Collaborative offers one-stop shopping; giving you the right person, for the right price, to do the job right. Every time.

Consider the advantages of VA Collaborative:

  • Your VA needs a week vacation?  Never a problem when your VA is a team of people dedicated to your business. Everyone is up to speed!
  • You want a full-time VA, but you need someone with Infusionsoft expertise, and no one is within your budget?
  • When you have specialty work to be done, we have the right person to do it.
  • When you need simpler administrative tasks performed, the appropriate person, (and by that we mean, one who is neither overqualified nor overpriced), is assigned to your project.
  • The best part?  We will work all that out for you.

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We take the hassle out of hiring & training your Virtual Assistant, of relegating tasks, of trying to determine if it’s even worth paying someone or if you should just do it yourself; leaving you free to do what you do best – running your business. Doesn’t that sound great?

How do we get started? How will The VA Collaborative know what I need?

First, we create a Company Profile; a comprehensive look at what your business currently has in place operationally, and what your goals are.  We then develop a plan; whether for project-based work or for a longer-term assignment. The VA Collaborative will assign a group that is a perfect match for your business, and will identify and assign the specific tasks.  A checklist of project tasks may also be provided to you at the onset, if appropriate.  Then the work begins!

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Will I deal directly with The VA Collaborative virtual assistants?

Your point-of-contact will depend on your needs, and will be determined as part of the initial assessment.  For simple administrative work like data entry, we will gather the information from you and pass it on to the right VA.  If your work is project-based and requires more in-depth collaboration, we may connect you directly with the VA specialist assigned a specific aspect of the project.

Who Are the VA’s of The VA Collaborative?

The virtual assistants we hire for you are the same VAs we’ve hired for usWe vet them, we screen them;  we make sure they are awesome. One more thing off your plate.

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